#Betty White Challenge; Keeping Pets Safe in Very Cold Weather


Dr. Adam Christman

Keeping it real and a little crazy listen HERE on WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World as Dr. Adam Christman, chief veterinary officer DVM360, is out in the cold himself as he offers tips on keeping pets safe in freezing temperatures.

While some dogs enjoy romping in the cold, Dr. Christman answers if it can be too cold. And which dogs benefit with a coat or jacket. Also, senior pets in the cold have their own needs.

Do dogs really need booties? And if you’ve tried every which way and the booties don’t work out, we reveal several other ideas.

Here’s more on cold weather and pets.

And learn how to follow this tik to the tok star

#Betty White Challenge

Betty White and friend

To celebrate Betty White’s 100th on January 17, there’s an online movement, #BettyWhiteChallenge to give your dollars to your favorite animal shelter, or Betty’s favorites, the Morris Animal Foundation (which there’s a special fund set up in Betty’s name). She was a trustee for decades at the Morris Animal Foundation, which funds studies for wild, companion and captive animals. She was also involved with the Los Angeles Zoo for many decades. Betty wasn’t only an animal lover, she also totally knew her stuff. Steve was then and continues to be on the Board of Directors of the Winn Feline Foundation (now EveryCat Health Foundation), which Betty was fully aware of and supportive.

On this show, hear one of the many conversations between Steve and Betty Among other topics, she speaks to the human animal bond, and value of pets in her life. Betty explains that her parents were “animal nuts,” so her love and passion for animals began while she was in the womb.

Steve recalls how his name appeared as 57 across in a TV Guide Crossword Puzzle about people in Betty White’s life.

Steve Dale Day

Also, Steve thanks the Chicago City Council and Mayor Lori Lightfoot for their proclamation celebrating his career, and calling December 19 Steve Dale Day in Chicago.