Bill Leff Talks Pets


It’s late night (actually early morning) – so in case you missed my WGN Radio visit with Bill Leff, click HERE to listen.

Bill says that I am one of his favorite guests – Well, he’s one of my very favorite hosts, so there!

You’ll hear:

  • What I think of a TV channel for pets
  • What I did at the American Animal Hospital Conference
  • Why I am SO concerned about a decline in veterinary visits
  • What I have to say about a dog having ‘sexual urges’ while eating dog food
  • The anniversary of the pet food recall; concerns about chicken jerky treats
  • Why a loyal listener followed my advice, but somehow purchased over $1,000 of ‘squares of grass.’
  • I talk about Alzheimer’s in pets
  • Can dogs get hairballs?
  • What to do about an overweight cat?
  • What I think  about Mitt Romney putting a dog on the roof of his car.