Birds for Dummies; Do Dogs Truly Love Us on WGN Radio


Kim Campbell Thornton and Dr. Brian Speer, co-authors (with Gina Spadafori) of  Birds for Dummies offer chicken talk on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio. Listen HERE to learn everything birds, from chickens to assorted parrots.

Chickens are a trend all over the Chicago area, and throughout the country. Dr. Speer and Kim theorize as to why they are so captivating. They discuss basic backyard chicken care. Dr. Speer offers common errors people make when feeding chickens.

And do pet chickens really lay eggs? It’s cheaper than the supermarket, and far more fresh.

We also talk chicken diapers and if chickens can be house trained. 

Parrot Talk

Dealing with innate behavior of pet parrots – they after all are not domestic species as are backyard chickens or cats or dogs.

With an African grey parrot in the background, we discuss the intelligence of parrots. They can not only talk, but understand what they’re saying. Dr. Speer offers his view on just how smart parrots can be with a simple and eloquent response.

When birds are destroying their toys, Thornton says that isn’t all bad, and she explains why.

Do Dogs Truly Love Us?

Dr. Patrick Flynn, technical advisor Central Florida for Zoetis and member of the Board of Directors of the Human Animal Bond Association answers the question HERE we’ve wanted to know an answer to for thousands of years – based on science – and not emotion – do dogs really love us?  

Dr. Flynn explains what we know today that isn’t anthropomorphism, and really getting inside their heads literally to measure love. That human animal bond we talk is a real thing. And when dogs smell their people they literally light up, or parts of their brains do.

Plastic Bags

Offering warnings regarding plastic bags which can be dangerous to curious dogs, cats and ferrets.