Blizzard the Polar Bear Loves A Blizzard


A Polar bear, appropriately named Blizzard, insists on being outdoors in a blizzard.  Now 25 (elderly for a Polar bear) Blizzard was rescued as an orphaned cub in Churchill and now at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Tacoma, WA.

International Polar bear day is February 27.

As much of the U.S. has recently experienced, global warming isn’t exactly as accurate to describe changes on the planet as climate change is a better way to put it. Having said that, overall the earth is warming, and Polar bears are a signature species of suffering. The result of not being able to hunt seals on ice flows (because there are far fewer ice flows), has plunged the Polar bear population, causing so many bears to starve to death and cubs to not survive.