Bob Fioretti Meets Pet Owners To Talk Dog & Cat Issues


Pets are family – and Alderman Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) understands that. He’s is about to prove it as no other candidate for Chicago Mayor has ever done.

Fioretti is hosting a round table discussion on companion animal issues- the first ever of its kind, Saturday February 7, 9:30 AM 1043 W. Madison Ave., third floor. In fact, (socialized) pets are welcome to attend the meeting. (This is Chicago, so who knows, some pets may go to the polls!). Actually, it was Fioretti – the king of Chicago dog friendly areas – who suggested inviting dogs.

Fioretti will hear your views and listen your comments, also answer questions about anything pet or animal related. No doubt topics will likely include the Chicago Park District’s odd turn-around to ban dogs from Maggie Daley Park.

What about Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC)?

I receive email on a weekly basis, sometimes daily, regarding the facility and/or mistakes alleged to happen there. There are a legion of concerned volunteers and citizens. . . and being the city’s municipal facility, your tax dollars go there. Maybe more tax dollars should be directed  to Chicago Animal Care & Control.

Many people have much to say about but no one to tell. Now, you have someone to tell. The program is scheduled to continue long enough to hear all who desire to speak.  Fioretti is an Alderman, that alone matters. Moreover Fioretti has a serious shot at being Chicago’s next Mayor.

The opportunity is huge! Never before has a Chicago Mayoral candidate ever reached out to hold a discussion solely with pet owners.

Every now and again breed specific legislation is still brought up, and Fioretti can offer his views on banning dogs called pit bulls( and other breeds). Trap/neuter/return (TNR) of community cats (feral cats) is working in Cook County, and Tree House Humane Society has even found a way to help impact the city’s rat problem with their Cats at Work Program, which the Alderman can comment on. He can also address the rat problem (that is, after all, an animal issue).

You can purr in the Alderman’s ear,  bark at him, or just listen – this will be fun. I am honored to moderate this event – and thrilled that a serious contender for Mayor is intentionally reaching out to pet owners.

(Of course, this is a community meeting – no admission)