Bob Fioretti Wants to Talk Pets, or Whatever Else You Like


Chicago Mayoral candidate Bob Fioretti  is reaching out to everyone who cares about pet issues, realizing two facts. Overwhelmingly voters with pets (that’s most voters), consider the four-legged or feathered pals members of the family. Animals care is an emotional issue for a whole lot of voters.

Fioretti’s appearance on my WGN Radio show Steve Dale’s Pet World (listen HERE) clearly demonstrates an interest in pet issues, and an understanding of these issues.

The second ward Alderman is conducting meet and greets all around the city, and Friday (January 16) Friday’s with Fioretti features the candidate appearing next door to PAWS Chicago, at Zella Bar (1983 N. Clybourn Avenue), from 6 to 8 p.m.

I know a little secret.

And I’ll let the cat just a tad out of the bag: Fioretti is planning to do more and say more regarding our pets….one thing he ‘gets’ is that the more animals euthanized in Chicago, the greater the cost….Of course, there’s an emotional cost but there’s also a financial price paid. A better investment is to prevent euthanizing. But more on all that to come. Stay tuned, there will be at least one ‘pet roundtable.’ I’ve never before seen a Chicago Mayoral candidate make such a concerted effort to reach out to pet owners. Of course, he’s also very busy talking about education, budget, crime, etc – as he should be.