Breed Bans Make No Sense with Ledy Van Kavage of Best Friends


Ledy VanKavage

On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, Best Friends Animal Society Senior Legislative Attorney Ledy VanKavage and I totally agree, breed bans do not work!  That typically means banning breeds you look and call pit bulls. She says the point of the breed ban legislation was always to make communities safer, but now we know these bans do nothing to enhance public safety.

We talked about what dogs we look and call pit bulls really are.

VanKavage notes “Every dog is an individual.”  When there is a serious dog attack, we know why that can happen but it’s not related to breed.

On my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show, I speak with VanKavage about eliminating insurance company bans and limitations regarding homeowner’s insurance.