Cadaver Dogs Expected to Find What They’re Searching for on Maui


Sadly, it’s not search and rescue dogs being deployed on Maui at this juncture, mostly from flights from Los Angeles, trained cadaver dogs have begun to work the fire zone. It’s not known exactly how many cadaver dog teams are deployed.

Sadly, the dogs are expected to find what they are trained to search for and there will be far more that the 111 that are now among the dead.

There are three main types of cadaver dogs: those trained to work in open areas on land, those trained for disasters and collapsed buildings and those that work in water. It’s unknown but entirely possible that all three will be utilized to some extent in Hawaii. However, not all dogs can detect burn victims – and it’s that special skill which is required.

While the majority of the smoke has cleared, the dogs and their handlers are working under very hazardous and challenging conditions. Structures aren’t secure and going inside is perilous.

Both dogs and humans do require frequent breaks; the work is arduous.

Do understand the value of these dogs. Humans alone would take far more time, and not be nearly as successful at finding remains which – without being too descriptive – may be unrecognizable to our eyes.

When dogs do succeed at identifying a find, it’s sad, but at least it provides closure for families.

From CBS News: