Camel on the Lamb; Bear Attacks Giant Reindeer


A Dromedary (one-hump) camel has safely been returned to its owners after fleeing a nativity scene in a small Kansas town, Bonner Springs.(not Bedford Falls from It’s a Wonderful Life)

Officers and Animal Control spent the entire day chasing down a loose camel.

Officers took to the golf courses in pursuit of the camel on golf carts no less. After taking a leisurely jaunt down the highway and into some neighborhoods, officers finally caught up to the four-legged runaway, and it was safely ‘taken into custody’ by lasso.

The camel was reunited with its owners who said the camel is back doing camel things, not sure what those are, perhaps smoking cigarettes?

A young black bear in Monrovia, CA attacks a six foot reindeer as mom watches. Miraculously, the reindeer survives, pretty much unscathed.