Can Dogs/Cats Continue to be Sold at Illinois Pet Stores?


Illinois is the fifth state to mandate no dogs or cats sold at pet stores, and that law went in effect (despite efforts to reverse it) on February 23. Here are several questions I am receiving, and my responses:

What happens to the poor dogs still sold at pet stores?

The pet stores had many months to comply, to sell the puppies (presumably even at a lower cost to motivate buyers) Sadly, some pet stores have reportedly loaded up the puppies and transferred them out of state to other stores. Going forward, good luck trying that tactic if all 50 states ban sales of dogs/cat at pet stores.

What happens if pet stores are continuing to sell dogs/cats?

To be clear pet stores can legitimately adopt dogs and cats from viable rescues or shelters.  But they MUST be legitimate shelters/rescues, not shame rescues some pet stores have claimed. If an Illinois pet store is selling puppies and/or kittens, do report that store to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, 217-782-4944. Unfortunately, reportedly, some pet stores are continuing to sell dogs and/or cats – please speak out and report this.

If I see a few puppies still available at a pet store, should I save the puppy or kitten by purchasing?

Of course, that’s up to you – but by doing so, you are encouraging the pet store to continue breaking the law, while other stores have complied. Instead, call and report that store to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, 217-782-4944. Also, you are potentially making a impulsive purchase, which isn’t always a good idea under any circumstances.

(I will speak about this further this afternoon on Chicago’s Afternoon News with Lisa Dent on WGN radio, 4:35 p.m. CT 720 AM or listen HERE.)