Can You Say Stupid: Woman Attempts to Mail a Puppy


I am sorry – but I have no other word – this is stupid. . . worse than a really bad sitcom plot.

A Minneapolis postal worker was stunned when a package moved by
itself and fell to the floor. Then came the sounds of heavy panting.

Within minutes, she and co-workers unwrapped a tightly sealed box and
rescued a four-month-old puppy that a Minneapolis woman actually tried to mail to

The air holes the woman punched in the box were covered with mailing
tape, and the priority mail trip would have taken at least two days. If the puppy didn’t suffocate, the pup would have died as a result of traveling in the cargo hold of an airplane, which dips to around 40 below at 40,000 feet.

Stacey Champion paid $22 to send the black poodle-schnauzer mix puppy named
Guess to Georgia via priority mail. Champion said no, but she cautioned postal workers to “be careful” as
they handled the box because “it was so delicate.”

On the outside of the package Champion wrote: “This is for your 11th
birthday. It’s what you wanted,” She reportedly told the clerk, according to, that
if sounds came from the package, not to worry, it just contained a toy

When the box began moving and making noise, workers called a postal
inspector — the Postal Service’s enforcement arm — and received permission
to open the package.

Guess was unwrapped, and seemed to be okay, but drank a great deal of water.

Champion was cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty and has 10 days to
appeal. The dog is at the city’s animal control facility. If Champion
declines or loses her appeal, Guess would go up for adoption.