Canabis Catching Cat


Cats will often deliver “gifts” to their people, sometimes dead mice or birds…. A woman in New Zealand called the police on her own cat, after the cat left a bag of weed – as in marijuana – on her doorstep.

The worried owner, who has not been identified, rang the authorities in Dunedin on the county’s South Island, after she found the bag with 5g (0.2oz) of cannabis inside. The embarrassed owner of the cat asked if her cat is going to be arrested. Instead, the police say they will seriously consider employing the cat. The local police chief noted that if dogs can sniff out marijuana and other drugs, why not cats?

Tree House Humane Society in Chicago already has a working cat program, where community feral cats are relocated to where there are city rat problems. Guess what? Those problems then go away. Other cats are employed as TV or movie actors. But, so far as I know, no cat has worked undercover.