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I’m not car guy – but Tom Appel sure does; he’s the publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive. Listen HERE to a REAL car expert talk, who talks about the car trends, about recalls, about cars marketed for pets, etc. on Steve Dale’s Other World.

Tom has surprising answers, if you want to buy All-American, one of the cars you may consider is a Toyota Camry.

Tom offers the news of the recent car shows, in Detroit, Chicago and elsewhere.

Tom Appel is darn serious when it comes to cars - he offers tons of information

Tom Appel is darn serious when it comes to cars – he offers tons of information

Does our perception of what a Ford is branded as, or Chevy or any other brand consistent with reality of what their vehicles are like. . . even for Lexus, and other high ends?

Are indeed luxury cars going up in costs? And the cost of cars; is that holding its own?  Tom talks about concerns about financing today, and why people are holding on to their cars longer? Do you lease or buy a car?

We talk about the something between new and used called certified pre-owned, and exactly what that means. is that a good thing?

You may have a smart phone, soon there will be smart cars, he says. In fact, cars will sometime reasonably soon be communicating with other cars.

Regarding airbags 90 million vehicles will have to be recalled when all is said and done, and some may need to be recalled a second time.  Learn more about the recalls and airbag recalls here.

We talk about the Lemon Law, and what to do about it if you should get a car that is defined as a lemon.

We talk about electric cars. He says, a car to watch will be the Chevy Bolt with about 200 miles of range.

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