Cat Allergies May Soon Become a Problem of the Past


Allergies to cats are incredibly common (about one in five adults), and now Purina scientists have found a way to abate the allergies and along with it lots of the uncomfortable symptoms people have. This means most people allergic to cats will soon be able to live with them in the first place, and do so in a far more comfortable way.

This is bigger news that the first person who said, “I wonder if cats like tuna?” I talk about the scientific breakthrough with Dr. Kurt Venator, chief veterinary officer at Purina.

Hear part 1 and part 2 from my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

Venator explains exactly what it is that most people are allergic to when they are allergic to cats. And what Purina scientists have figured out, which, by the way, is crazy amazing. What’s more the protein producing cat allergies is still being produced by cats, but it doesn’t impact or interact human immune systems. As I said, ‘crazy amazing.’

The FeLD1 protein will be nothing to sneeze at

Many people allergic to cats do love them, but can’t share space or interact with them as they like, which impacts the human animal bond.  That’s not to mention loading up on antihistamines.

Of course, all this can impact cat adoptions from shelters and rescues.  And diminish the need for people to give up cats to shelters.

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