Cat Burglar is a Feline


A cat burglar is responsible for a crime wave. The burglar, in Ipswich, England has been swiping pens, children’s books, artwork, sock puppets, even condoms. Cameras caught the thief in-the-act, and neighborhood children have also witnessed this brazen criminal, a 3-year old Siamese-cross. This truly is a cat burglar.

Theo, the cat, had reportedly gained the trust of those neighborhood children, who have opened the doors of their home to the kitty.

Recently, the problem escalated as Theo reportedly made off with an Ipad.

Theo’s dad takes a picture of all items taken and sends them out to the neighborhood. I’m not so worried about the kleptomaniac kitty, but more concerned about the family with sock puppets.

(pictured feline is not the real guilty cat who is now in a witness protection program).