Cat Café Set to Open in the Windy Kitty


Windy Kitty Cat Cafe and Lounge is the topic… That’s right: There are 81 cat cafés in America, and hopefully soon one will open in Chicago. HEAR Jenny Tiner on my WGN Radio show explain the goal of typical and real cat cafés: to find homes for cats in need.

Jenny Tiner

Jenny Tiner said everyone looked happy at a cat café she visited in Edinburgh, Scotland, and that is how the idea to open a café in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood came to her.

Tiner said that cat cafés done right promote shelter adoption. And that is just what she will do, adopting via ALIVE Rescue and supporting Chicago Animal Care & Control. Cat cafés also build community and even bring in tourists…lots of tourists.

However, to open this cat café, Tiner needs your help and support. One easy way is via her Windy Kitty Cat Café and Lounge IndieGogo page. 

Among activities, there will be cat yoga (downward cat, anyone?). Also, perhaps a cat movie night, educational events with veterinarians, TNR workshops, and much more.

When operated correctly, there is no downside of a cat café. And, armed with the knowledge of what a few have done wrong, Tiner is determined to do this right.

(Steve and Jenny join Patti Vasquez on WGN just after midnight July 17 Monday night/Tuesday morning on WGN Radio, 720AM or listen HERE).