Cat Communication May be Misleading


What are cats communicating?

This video from International Cat Care demonstrates that cats who appear to unbothered might indeed be quite uncomfortable.

Cats and dogs are always communicating with us. Dogs tend to be more demonstrative, and I argue we better understand dogs because we’re hard wired to understand them – having evolved with them.

Also, cats don’t have the facial muscle structure to be able to physically express themselves as people or dogs.

When cats are anxious or afraid – they often let us know that in no uncertain terms. It’s pretty much hard to miss the classic look and sounds of a terrified cat. However, equally as often, cats who appear to be content may, in fact, be uncomfortable, even tolerating handling – but absolutely not enjoying it.

One tip, among many others pointed out in this video, cats are happier when they initiate the interaction. The video narration doesn’t say so – but cats are indeed control freaks.