Cat Friendly Practices: The Best for Cats


Want to know the best thing for cats since tuna? It’s Cat Friendly Practices.

Listen HERE to my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show as I chat with Dr. Elizabeth Colleran of the American Association of Feline Practitioners about this fairly new commitment to reducing stress and anxiety in cats when they visit the veterinarian.

Dr. Elizabeth Colleran

Dr. Elizabeth Colleran

Pet expert Steve Dale talks with American Association of Feline Practitioners Dr. Elizabeth Colleran about Cat Friendly PracitcesMost cats would rather be anywhere else than a veterinary office, which means most pet owners don’t have the easiest time getting their cats to the vet. And the result of fewer veterinary visits? Illness not caught early enough (or at all). Veterinarians can’t  possibly diagnosis cats they’re not seeing.

Dr. Colleran talks about what certified Cat Friendly Practices are doing to make visits “friendlier” from a cat’s perspective.

Dr. Colleran also describes how to carrier train your cat.