Cat Friendly Veterinary Practices


The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) has created a new kind of veterinary experience for cats – it’s called Cat Friendly Practices. Listen HERE as Dr.Colleen Currigan, president of the Board of Tree House Humane Society and incoming president of AAFP discusses how to make the world a better place for cats on WGN Radio.

Cats are more often given up to shelters than their canine cousins, and more often found in shelters. Though there are actually more cats in America than dogs, the average cat visits the veterinarian far less often than the average dog. What’s up with that? Are cats truly under-medicalized?

Here are two of many facts on the topic:  About 80 percent of cat owners think their kitties are so self-sufficient that regular exams aren’t necessary (according to Bayer Health Care Feline Findings, 2013). About 60 percent of all veterinary clients are dogs – though there are more cats.  AAFP is out to change this because the only losers here are cats.

Tip #1: Any time you notice a change in your cat’s behavior – don’t assume the problem is necessarily solely behavior – there may be an underlying medical issue. See your veterinarian!

Lots and lots of resources available  here: American Association of Feline Practitioners 

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