Cat Takes a Spin in Washing Machine and Survives


Here’s a word of warning you might not have thought about, particularly with front-loading washing machines. Make sure you cat doesn’t hop inside it. Ridiculous? Well, Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff had actually thought about this. And the one time she didn’t check, wouldn’t you know it – Felix the cat of Maplewood, MN jumps inside and takes a spin.

Carroll-Kirchoff set the machine for an express wash, warm water, cold rinse and walked away. After 35 minutes of tumbling about….Guess who was inside? It’s no laughing matter, as she raced her beloved cat to the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota.

Although Felix, who is a year-old tuxedo cat, had lost his vision and had pneumonia from the amount of water in his lungs, and suffered a concussion, he survived and is doing better now – he can see and has started eating. He’s still on oxygen. Remember not only did he suffer from swallowing all that water, but also the accompanied detergent, which is hardly cat-friendly.

The costs are going up, too. Carroll-Kirchoff’s daughter began a GoFundMe appeal for Felix to help offset the rising medical bills, which she said are already up to $7,000. She said it’s the least they could do after Felix fought to stay alive.

Carroll-Kirchoff works at a pet grooming salon and has been a cat owner for 11 years. She also volunteers at a wildlife rehabilitation center in her free time.

Carroll-Kirchoff also has two other cats, who were not anywhere near the washing machine at the time of the incident.

Caroll-Kirchoff and her family issued this warning, “To those of you with cats, PLEASE always close your washing machine and dryer doors in between washes, and ALWAYS check your washing machine and dryer doors prior to beginning a wash. You can prevent an accident like this from happening.”

A video tells the story.