CATegorical Care: Free Cat Health and Welfare Guidebook Wins Awards


The American Humane Association’s legacy Adopt-A-Cat month got a boost this past June by partnering with the CATalyst Council.

I had the honor to author a pretty comprehensive cat health and welfare guidebook called CATegorical Care: An Owner’s Guide To America’s #1 Companion. It’s free – and available online here to download.

I was recently informed by colleagues who write and broadcast about cats, the Cat Writers’ Association, that CATegorical Care earned a ‘Special Award’ given by – the Adopt A Homeless Cat Award, as well as a coveted Muse Medallion for Best Piece on Humane Education.

Muse Medallion

While I was awarded the Medallion; I also received a stipend (to be donated to American Humane) to go along with a beautiful plaque from

I share the honor with co-author Amy Shojai, and editor/co-author Beth Adelman.

Also, without contributions of this superstar list of reviewers, I am sure CATeogrical Care wouldn’t be as cutting edge – it simply is so good because of these contributorst: Jane Brunt DVM, executive director CATalyst Council; Tony Buffington, DVM, PhD, DACVN, professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, Indoor Cat Initiative; Diane Eigner, VMD past chair CATalyst Council; Susan Little, DVM, ABVP (feline practice) past president Winn Feline Foundation; Marie McCabe, DVM, vice president American Humane Association; Jan McHugh-Smith, CAWA, president Society of Animal Welfare Administrators, CEO Pikes Peak Region Humane Society; Jacqui Neilsen, DVM, DACVB; Margie Scherk, DVM, Dip ABVP (feline).


Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director CATalyst Council

In particular, I thank J.B. Hancock and her amazing team at the American Veterinary Medical Association. Having their name on this document lends enormous value. And Dr. Jane Brunt for her guidance for staying the course.

I am honored to have worked with all these folks, and we share in success if CATegorcial Care means more cats adopted from shelters, more cats share homes with happy pet owners, and more cats receive the veterinary care they deserve.

Feel free to check out CATegorical Care – because it is, after all, FREE!