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Dog Obsesses Over Guinea Pigs

Pet expert Steve Dale writes about a Golden Retriever obsssing over guinea pigs

Hands-On Behavior Learning at AVMA

check out these interactive sessions at AVMA Convention

Decoding the Fearful Dog

Steve Dale talks ab out Decoding the Fearful Dog

Behaviorists Decode Dogs, Answer Your Questions

Decoding-Your-Dog, dog-behavior, pet-expert-Steve-Dale, Dr. Kate-Crumely, American-Animal-Hospital-Association, AAHA

Animal Behavior Conference, Dog and Cat Behavior Questions Answered

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What To Do About Thunderstorm Anxiety in Dogs

Dog Goes Berserk When Seeing Other Dogs

Veterinary Behavior Symposium

Anxious Pets 101 with Dr. Gary Landsberg

Pet Behavior, Don't Be Afraid To Talk About It

Pet Behavior Problems