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Steve Dale’s Pet World: Tips on Disaster Preparedness; We Need Bats; Senior Care Guidelines for Cats

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World Veterinary Day: AVMA and COVID-19

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President of AVMA on Dog Bite Prevention

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Dog Bite Prevention Week with AVMA President Dr. Douglas Kratt and Heather Paul of State Farm

Dog Bite Prevention poster

Dog Bite Prevention Week Has Zero to do with Breed


Free Facebook Live Event to Kick Off National Dog Bite Prevention Week


New AVMA and AAVMC Veterinary Medicine Caucus in U.S. House

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AVMA Uses Telehealth to Sign Off on Santa’s Reindeer

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Disaster Preparedness for Pets

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Pet Emergency Preparedness; Lepto on the Loose; Grey Muzzle Helps Senior Dogs; Dr. Fauci Talking to Vets

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Dr. Anthony Fauci at Convention of American Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Anthony Fauci 3.34.33 PM

AVMA Offers Disaster Preparedness Plans for Pets

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