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World Small Animal Veterinary Association Taking a Stand Against Extreme Brachycephalic Breeding

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Sacrificing Animals Under the Guise of Religion – Is that Okay?

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Animal Protection Measures Passed in U.S.; Planet is More Imperilled than Ever

starving orangutan

Steve Dale New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

AVMA Awards 008

Fighting Animal Cruelty to Make Communities Safer: Big Moves in 2023

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Being A Chihuahua Isn’t Easy

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Dog Dies When Thrown Off Train Platform


Violent Consequence of Animal Abuse: Boy Kills His Mother

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Red Rover and Purple Leash Safe Housing Grants for Domestic Violence Victims with Pets

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More Cities Continue to Ban Dog and Cat Sales at Pet Stores

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Dr. Kurt Venator of Purina on Domestic Violence and Pets


Dr. Mehmet Oz: Yellow Brick Road to Animal Abuse

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