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Negligent Kennel Owner Gets Jail Time Following a Fire That Killed 29 Dogs; Is That Enough?

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Beagles Studies and Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID’s Involvement: More Questions Than Answers


Here Comes Calico Fights Against Animal Abuse

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Woman Charged with Animal Cruelty for Pepper Spraying Dogs

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Indiana State Trooper and Bystanders Rescue Dog on Highway

Marlowe and dog

Aurora, IL Police Have It Right: Leave a Dog in a Hot Car, the Charge is Animal Abuse


Hit and Run Horse Drawn Carriage Accident in North Carolina

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Is This Justified or Animal Cruelty

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Anti Cruelty Bark from the Heart and Help To Those Unable to Afford Vet Care

Bark from the Heart

Choking a Dog is NEVER Training a Dog

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Update on Lady Gaga’s Dogs and Don’t Let This Happen To You

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Domestic Violence: A Pandemic Within a Pandemic