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Animal Abuse MUST Be a Felony

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French Bulldogs Confiscated at O’Hare Airport: Story Has Happy Ending


French Bulldogs Return to Jordan on Hold: For Now

fench bulldog 2

French Bulldogs at O’Hare Airport Turns Out to be a Russian Ruse

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Help Save French Bulldogs Left to Die

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Bonking Dog Trainer Jeff Gellman Turned Away

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Ban Dog Trainer Gellman

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Aversive Dog Trainer and E-Collar Fan Coming to Chicago Area

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Identifying Animal Abuse for What It Is

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Petland Manager Guilty of Animal Cruelty

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North Korea Mandates Residents Give Up Their Pet Dogs for Dog Meat

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Amy Cooper is Not Charged for Animal Cruelty, but Charged for Filing a False Police Report

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