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Leaving Dogs Unattended in the Cold Now Against the Law in Pennsylvania

This needs to be illegal

Why Isn't Joliet Paying Attention to its Residents? Diminishing Halloween Anxiety for Pets

Where do you think these animals really come from?

Politicizing Puerto Rico or Telling the Truth?

Dogs being boarding on plane to escape Puerto Rico

Pet Companies Support Hurricane Relief

Companies support Hurricane Relief

Conversations with Veterinarians in Florida and Texas During Irma and Post Harvey

Discussing Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey with veterinarians in Florida and Houston on WGN radio

Animals Treated Better: Harvey vs. Katrina, But Many Are Lost

Animal response Katrina vs. Harvey

Rescuing Animals in Houston

Update on animal rescues and Hurricane Harvey

Frisbee Disc Competition, Why No Cat Statues, Dog Flu That is Not Flu, Rhino Bowling, and More

Pet expert Steve Dale on WGN radio talking dog flu and national frisbee disc competition, and more

Trump Administration Removes Public Information on Animal Cruelty

Shocking: Removal of animal protection by Tump administration

Proud that Trump Children Like to Kill Wildlife?

Would You Be Proud of Your Kids for This?

Going Deep with Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

with Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS and author of "Humane Economy"

Please Speak Up for Animal Control

Help Chicago Animal Care & Control, and sign the petition