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Giant Hornets Could Turn on One Another

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Pug in North Carolina Reportedly Testing Positive for COVID-19; What Does that Mean?

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Chicago City Council Says Whoa to Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

Horse carriage rides

There’s a Rhinoceros in Town

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Planet is Getting a Breath of Fresh Air As a Result of the Pandemic

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Pawsilates and Anxiety in Dogs on WGN Radio

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Can COVID-19 Be Transmitted by Touching Dogs


AVMA and COVID-19 and Your Pets: Is There a Reason to Worry?

covid 19

Update on Pets and COVID-19

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Stand Up Against Breed Discrimination for Homeowners/Renters Insurance

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Special Announcement for Steve Dale from Dr. Janet Donlin of AVMA on WGN Radio


Illinois Could Ban Sales of Dogs/Cats at Pet Stores

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