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Chicago Alderman Sposato Comments on the Firing of CACC Executive Director Susan Russell

Susan Russell adopting a dog successfully during a pet adoption segment. City appeared to not like the fact that so many pit bull looking dogs are at CACC. That will continue whether or not Russell is there

Susan Russell Fired as Executive Director Chicago Animal Care & Control

Susan Russell

Solutions for Pets Afraid of Fireworks; Small Scale Reptile Rescue Needs Your Help

What to do about pets afraid of fireworks

Support Bill To Save Dogs in Hot Cars

Support passage of bill to save dogs locked in a hot car

Dogs Lives Saved in Fire

Dogs saved, photo: Hebron Police Department

Help Support A Law To Save Dogs in Hot Cars

This dog later died - it happens too often

AKC Opposing Bills to Support Rescue of Dogs Trapped in Hot Cars

AKC opposing bills to save dogs from dying in hot cars

Will It Be Legal to Rescue Dogs from Hot Cars in Chicago?

Dogs do die in hot cars

Animal Welfare League Story Unfolds for the Better

I'm hopeful, even optimistic, about needed changes at Animal Welfare League

Update: Animal Welfare League

WGN-TV report on Animal Welfare League

Animal Welfare League Fighting Online Rumors and the Dog Flu

Which is worse, fighting online reports or dog flu ?

PetsMart Charities and Winn Feline Foundation Partner to Help Shelter Cats

Winn Feline Foundation and PETsMART Charities partner