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pet expert Steve Dale invites animal loves to Paul Vallas listening session

Talking Pets with Paul Vallas

When Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired Susan Russell as executive director of Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC), I authored several posts expressing my absolute dismay. It didn’t make an sense. And now that Rahm isn’t running for Mayor after all, the move has proved positively idiotic. Several of the higher profile candidates for Mayor…
Pet expert Steve Dale joins Bill and Wendy on WGN

Pet Talk with Steve Dale with Bill and Wendy on WGN Radio

I love being on WGN radio with Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder (listen to here), first talking about the grain free diets. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine has issued a vague warning about dogs eating grain free diets, and for some dogs their odds increase of suffering dilated cardiomyopathy (a…
Animal Welfare League report

Warning Regarding Animal Welfare League

Following  a story (on September 7) about theAnimal Welfare League (AWL), which only offered the truth, I was shocked to receive not one or two, but several emails and Facebook Instant messages meant as a warning. While these individuals thanked me for the story, they indicating the shelter’s public relations firm will now come after myself (presumably…
Pet expert Steve Dale's most recent report on the Animal Welfare League of Chicago

Animal Welfare League Woes Worsen

On one visit to the Animal Welfare League (AWL) of Chicago Ridge, Village Trustee Edmund Kowalski witnessed not one but two dogs gasping for air, obviously in respiratory distress. “No one saw these suffering dogs, or worse if they did, they weren’t receiving veterinary care. The images will haunt me the rest of my life.…
Susan Russell lands job in Philadelphia

Axed Chicago Animal Control Director Off to Philadelphia

After just over two years on the job as executive director of Chicago Animal Care and Control, Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired Susan Russell on June 29. There isn’t a City in America that wouldn’t be happy with a live release rate of dogs and cats of just over 90 percent at a municipal animal shelter. I…
ARF garage sale

Animal Rescue Foundation Garage Sale

Animal Rescue Foundation IL calls itself a no-kill humane society. They do A LOT, rescuing, and providing foster for homeless dogs and cats. They also promote and support spay/neuter programs. Their annual garage sale is September 7 and September 8, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 23W042 Woodcroft Drive, Glen Elyn, IL. This isn’t your…
Pet expert Steve Dale says Chicago Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas understands animal welfare

Paul Vallas Has Known All Along Animal Welfare Matters

I don’t know why Mayor Rahm Emanuel dropped out of the race for Chicago Mayor. I predict there’s more to the story than we’ve heard.  I Do know that Mayor Rahm had no interest in animal welfare, or bettering Chicago Animal Care and Control. I Do KNOW Paul Vallas (before he even announced his run…

Scoring for CCR Adoptable Dogs Thanks to Doc Emrick

Steve Dale’s Pet World  on WGN radio with Beckie Tomala, member of the Board of Directors of Chicago Canine Rescue (CCR) on National Dog Day. Listen here as we have much to celebrate. Legendary hockey broadcaster Doc Emrick has again stepped it up, paying it forward for Chicago’s homeless dogs. We named four dogs, Kaner,…

Doc Emrick Supports Chicago Canine Rescue Dog Adoptions

Legendary National Hockey League broadcaster Doc Emrick over and over continues to support Chicago’s homeless animals and dog adoptions. He’s supporting the adoption of four dogs from Chicago Canine Rescue CCR). CCR has found homes for over 6,000 since their inception in 2001 That’s amazing! But it gets better, the dogs (and a few cats…

Remembering Dr. Donna Alexander on WGN Radio

On May 20, Dr. Donna Alexander, then Administrator of the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control was on my WGN radio show. I spoke to her privately the very next day, about several topics, including the need to update the trap/neuter/return ordinance and the continuing sad saga at the Animal Welfare League in…

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