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Anderson Animal Shelter Backyard Bash; French Bulldogs at O’Hare Update on WGN Radio

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French Bulldog Rescue Saves Dogs: CDC Insists They Must be Returned

Chicago Frenchie 1

Pet Nation: The Love Affair That Changed America

Mark Cushing

Adoptions Up, Veterinary Visits Down


Famous Fido Celebration of Life; Cats Have a New Lease on Life


Catching Up with Former CACC Executive Director Susan Russell; Training Dogs to Sniff out COVID-19


Good News for Cats: More Shelters Offer More Space

Portal Cat 2

Stay Present with Your Dog; Decoding Your Cat

decoding your cat_

Now is the Time to Foster a Pet, or Adopt a Dog or a Cat

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Pucks and Paws and Decoding Your Cat

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Stand Up Against Breed Discrimination for Homeowners/Renters Insurance

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Judge Upholds Maryland Ban on Pet Store Dog/Cat Sales; Other States Under Threat

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