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Climate Change Playing a Role in Cross-Species Viral Transmission to Humans

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New Coronavirus Which Humans Are Susceptible Found in Asian Bats

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Betty White Was Devoted to Morris Animal Foundation

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Bats and the Bond: The Human Animal Bond with Bats

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Steve Dale’s Pet World: Tips on Disaster Preparedness; We Need Bats; Senior Care Guidelines for Cats

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Conversation with Rep. Mike Quigley on WGN Radio: Big Cat Safety Act and Preventing Pandemics


Bats Caused the Virus; Bats Might Cure the Virus

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Is This Really a Human-Sized Bat?

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New Bat Species in an Orange Colored Sky

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Keeping Pets Safe in the Cold; Going Batty

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Can Bats Give You or Your Dog the Flu?

We need fruit bats, they're key pollinators but may they be more than that

Rabid Bats in the Chicago Area

If it looks like this in your home, you have a problem