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Meow Meetup Around the Corner

The Meow Meetup, a convention for cat lovers, cat fanatics, cat aficionados – ie: crazy cat people is just around the corner. If you love cats, adore cats, or just want to learn more – this is for you!  The fun feline celebration comes to the Rosemont Convention, Rosemont, IL on July 21 and 22. I am…

Pets Terrorized of Fireworks? Now What?

You’ve waited ‘till now to get your pet help for the fear of fireworks, there’s little time for behavior modification techniques to work by July 4. Still, don’t despair – not all is lost. Depending on your pet’s level of fear – distraction might work. Take your pet into a room most away from the…

Feliway Decreases Stress of Veterinary Exams

The Winn Feline Foundation supports funding for cat health studies for the past 50 years. Winn Feline mostly funds studies to support physical health, but studies have also supported emotional health. One major obstacle to visiting the veterinarian is the fear, anxiety and stress cats experience during the visit. Clients then become stressed, and even…

Windy Kitty Cat Day

Nothing like being on the radio with the Great Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder, this time from Windy Kitty Cat Cafe. For me and Bill, the Windy Kitty is like heaven on earth. HEAR the conversation, as I talk on WGN Radio about how Windy Kitty takes cats and kittens from the City’s municipal shelter…

Use My Name and Save Money for Meow Meetup Chicago

In my lifetime, I never thought this could happen. I can save people money. A veritable conclave of cat lovers hit the Chicago area for the Meow Meetup Chicago at the Donald Stephens Convention Center, July 21-22. Type in my name Steve Dale HERE as a magical discount code, and you’ll save five dollars on your…

Cat Yoga at the Windy Kitty

If you love yoga, you haven’t lived until you’ve participated in a cat yoga class (where downward dog is never allowed). The Windy Kitty offers cat yoga on many Sunday mornings. To get a feel for what that’s all about, check out WGN Radio Recess.  WGN Radio staffers, including myself and Pam Jones of WGN…

Traveling with Cats

Thinking of traveling with your cat with summer? Dr. Todd McCracken of Ceva Animal Health says sometimes the best solution: Leave the cat at home. McCracken appeared on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show talking about the stress of pet travel HERE. Before traveling, he says, it’s a good idea to get a veterinary…

Pet Afraid of Fireworks? Now is the Time to Plan

It’s not that dogs aren’t patriotic, but many dogs, and also some cats, are terrified of the loud and sudden bangs we call fireworks. It’s actually adaptive to be hard-wired to be afraid of sudden louds sounds. Humans jump at such sounds, and we might also run the other way or hide if we didn’t…

How Old Is Old Among Cats?

Roxy, our 15 year old cat is young – according to Dr. Margie Scherk, editor Journal Feline Medicine and Surgery. At the Chicago Veterinary Conference, Scherk was talking about various cat health issues, and she asked the veterinarians in the room, “What’s the oldest cat you’ve ever had in your practice?” The answer: 26. Well,…

NY Cat Film Festival Benefiting Winn Feline Foundation and all Cats

The 1st Annual NY Cat Film Festival™ is a medley of short films – documentary and narrative – that honor the mysterious felines, who have fascinated mankind for centuries and continue to enchant us. The film fest travels around America, and may be coming to near where you live. Cats have their own unique and…

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