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Lincoln State Cat Club Cat Show; Dealing with Common Cat Behavior Issues on WGN


I So Loved You Roxy


EveryCat Health Foundation Symposium: FIP and Beyond


Lincoln State Cat Show

cat show

Cats in Times Square

Winn Feline Foundation

Feliscratch to the Rescue to Save the Couches and Prevent Declaw

Pet expert Steve Dale on encouraging cats to scratch in all the right places using Feliscratch

Lincoln State Cat Show

This is Cornish Rex cat at the Lincoln State Cat Show

Feliscratch to Solve or Prevent a Cat-Scratching Problem; Better Than Declaw

Steve Dale talks about a new product with veterinary behaviorist Dr. Theresa DePorter than encourages cats' scratching a posts

Wear Winn Feline Foundation

Look like a WINNer

Dr. Susan Little Honored by the Winn Feline Foundation

Jackson Galaxy on Winn Feline Foundation

Chicago Dog Show; Service Dogs and PTSD; Have We Seen Your Cat Lately? WGN Petcast