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Feliway Decreases Stress of Veterinary Exams

The Winn Feline Foundation supports funding for cat health studies for the past 50 years. Winn Feline mostly funds studies to support physical health, but studies have also supported emotional health. One major obstacle to visiting the veterinarian is the fear, anxiety and stress cats experience during the visit. Clients then become stressed, and even…

Dr. Shelly Rubin on Mosquitoes, Heartworm and More on WGN Radio

Whenever my time slot has changed at WGN radio or something happens – my first go-to guest, and the person has appeared over 22 years more on my shows than any other is Dr. Sheldon Rubin. So, for my first day in our new sparkling new studio, HEAR Dr. Shelly Rubin on WGN radio. Dr. Rubin’s…

Cat Friendly Ambassador Earns Power of Pink

Dr. Elizabeth Colleran was just named a Power of Pink Honoree. The official release is below. But I need to speak up first, as Dr. Colleran happens to be a friend. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Colleran many times; she’s fast-thinking and an exceedingly smart speaking partner. Together what we talk about…

Celebrate International Cat Day

International Cat Day—a day to celebrate—is October 29. Cats often do not get the medical care they need. They sometimes go years without visiting a veterinarian and rarely go in for “check ups,” like dogs do. About 80 percent of cat owners think their felines are so self-sufficient that regular exams are unnecessary (according to Bayer…

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day should be a national holiday. Cats do not see veterinarians as often as they should. They don’t get sick, on average, any more or less than dogs, but dogs get more veterinary care. Cats are second-class citizens in this regard, but, if you look at the numbers, they’re…

Cat Friendly Practices: The Best for Cats

Want to know the best thing for cats since tuna? It’s Cat Friendly Practices. Listen HERE to my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show as I chat with Dr. Elizabeth Colleran of the American Association of Feline Practitioners about this fairly new commitment to reducing stress and anxiety in cats when they visit the veterinarian. Most cats…

A New Day for Pets: Fear Free and Cat Friendly

I believe many pets at veterinary offices think they are going to die. Imagine being hung half way out a window by your suspenders 40 stories up, or being held up at gunpoint. That’s actually how I believe many of our pets feel. Yet, everyone, from pet caretakers and veterinary professionals, have pretty much accepted…

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