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Treating Cats with a New CATitutde


Pet Resolutions for 2019


Declaw is an Unnecessary Amputation

Dr. Margie Scherk and Steve Dale talk declaw

Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Emergency preparedness for peets

Cat Communication May be Misleading

Cat communication can be tricky to read

What a Fear Free Veterinary Practice Looks Like

A Fear Free certified veterinary clinic

America's Got Cat Talent

Cats have talent too

Use My Name and Save Money for Meow Meetup Chicago

Meow Meetup Around the  Corner

Pet Afraid of Fireworks? Now is the Time to Plan

pet expert Steve Dale writes about Luna, a dog's story of survival

Catnip Times Meow Meet Up: Hope To See You There

Meow MeetUp Chicago, sponsored by The Catnip Times, promises to be the largest cat event for cat lovers in the Midwest (PRNewsfoto/The Catnip Times)

Kitty Kindies: Socializing Kittens

A kitten class in progress

Cat Friendly Ambassador Earns Power of Pink

Power of Pink Winner