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Cats Win with NoBowl Enrichment

Cat get to be cats with NoBowl Feed System

Cat Friendly Practices: The Best for Cats

Dr. Elizabeth Colleran and Steve Dale on Cat Friendly Practices

Camels Can Hop On to the Scale But Not Cats?

If they can weigh a camel, you'd think a cat would be easy

Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day is a serious deal

Do Pets Have a Sense of Humor?

Jaak Panksepp is the rat tickler

Hands-On Behavior Learning at AVMA

check out these interactive sessions at AVMA Convention

More Evidence Regarding Declaw in Cats

The Truth and new study regarding declaw in cats

Mother Knows Best

Mom's know a lot - and help to answer questions sent to Steve Dale

Do Speak with Your Veterinarian About Any Change in Behavior

Steve Dale speaks with Dr. Pamela Nichols of the American Animal Hospital Associaiton about pet behavior

Duffer Schultz

Steve Dale eulogizes Duffer Schultz