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No Hugging of Pets? I Say 'It Depends'

How do pets feel about being hugged?

National Politics, It's a Game of Chess: Paul Lisnek with Steve Dale

CLTV and WGN-TV's political analyst Paul Lisnek joins Steve Dale's Other World Podcast on WGN Plus

TNR Feral Cats: Illinois DNR Call: 'Vote No'

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources puts an ending to funding hope for spay/neuter of feral cats

Help the Puppy Mill Project to Help to Save Puppy Mill Dogs

Steve Dale speaks with Renata Block about the Puppy Mill Project

Key and Peele Support Cat Adoption

Key and Peele support Tree House cat adoption and new facility

E-Cigarettes May be Fatal to Pets

Pet expert Steve Dale offers a warning about e-cigarettes and pets

Feral Cats and Rats: John Kass Has a Plan

Chicago Tribune reporter John Kass offers Steve Dale his idea for dealing with feral or community cats

Adopt A Dog, Bark in the Park

Ginger will be adopted with Steve Cochran and Steve Dale, join us on WGN

Chicago Can Be a No Kill City: Politics Tonight

Pet expert Steve Dale and Alderman Ray Lopez with Paul Lisnek on Politics Tonight

Salmonella Alleged in Detailed Answers Chicken Formula

FDA admonishes pet food company