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Puerto Rico Pets: Please Help

Pet expert Steve Dale reports that the situation is dire for people and pets in Puerto Rico

Save Animals from Hurricane Regions, But Never Forget Local Animals In Need

Saving animals - from there, doesn't mean you can't also save locally

Holiday Inn Turns Away Family Dogs During Hurricane

The good and bad from Houston

Fort McMurray Pet Update

Rhonda Kossey looks after Elmo, Gizmo, and, Lacey while staying at the Anzac Community Centre (photo by Topher Seguin Reuters)

Plight of Animals in Fort McMurray

Ft. McMurray rescue among many

Dogs in Flint Reported with Lead Poisoning

Dogs in Flint, MI identified with lead poisoning

Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Finds A Friend in Rubble

September 11 Brought Us Together….What Happened?

Family Reunited in Joplin

Animal Rescuers Are Angels on Earth