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Free Facebook Live Event to Kick Off National Dog Bite Prevention Week


Does Major the White House Dog Have a Major Problem?

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Denver Repeals Pit Bull Breed Ban

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Stop Insurance Companies Profiling Based on Dog Breed

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Pit Bull Breed Ban Repealed in Denver


7 Reasons to Ban Retractable Leashes

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Dog Bite Prevention Week

USPS and dog

Roller Coaster Life of Cesar Millan: Petcube Chooses Him as a Spokesperson

Does this guy represent modern dog training?

Pet Cube Partners with Cesar Millan: What Message Are They Sending Now?

Is it smart for Pet Cube to partner with Cesar Millan?

Chicago Offers Explanation for Animal Control Director’s Firing: Do You Buy It?

Susan Russell ousted as executive director from animal care and control

Dog Bite Prevention Week

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Why Animal Abuse Must Be Taken Seriously

If the shooter's animal cruelty charges had been taken seriously, the mass shooting may never have happened