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Dog Bite Prevention Week

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Why Animal Abuse Must Be Taken Seriously

If the shooter's animal cruelty charges had been taken seriously, the mass shooting may never have happened

Fatal Dog Attack by Pit Bulls, Is BSL Next?

Should there be a breed ban after this fatal dog attack?

Pit Bull: Battle Over An American Icon

Pet expert Steve Dale talks about pit bull dogs with Brownwen Dickey

Dogs Surprises Rescuer

Police officer surprised after rescuing a dog

Montreal Mayor Continues To Support Breed Ban

Montreal Mayor continues to push for breed ban

National Dog Bite Prevention

National Dog Bite Prevention, list of cities that most often bite letter carriers

Michael Vick Fighting Dogs: A Story of Champions

Pet expert Steve Dale's impressions and review of the film The Champions

Dog Bite Prevention Is Every Day, Or Should Be

Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention Seek to Prevent Pit Bulls

Dogs Attack at a Birthday Party

There's No Problem with Pit Bulls: Misinformation A Problem