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No Wonder Some Pets Are Afraid: Minimizing Halloween Anxiety

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Is Your Dog Really Crazy or Is It ADHD?

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CBD For Dogs and Cats: Is It Safe? What Do You Need to Know?

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Never Hire Dog Walkers to Walk Multiple Dogs


Who Will Suffer Separation Anxiety – You or Your Pets?

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AVSAB Position Statement on Humane Dog Training

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Crate Train or Not?

Dr. Mark Russak's grandkids and Oscar Meyer Weiner

Rain, Rain Go Away: Thunderstorm Anxiety in Dogs


Petcast: Separation Anxiety in Dogs


7 Reasons to Keep Your Dog On a Leash

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Dogs Detecting COVID-19

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Is It Ever Defensible for Dog Trainers to Throw a Rolled Up Towel to “Teach” Dogs?

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