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Illinois Governor Signs Two Important Pet-Friendly Bills

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 3.35.51 PM

Stop Breed Discrimination of Homeowners Insurance


Free Facebook Live Event to Kick Off National Dog Bite Prevention Week


Breed Bans Make No Sense with Ledy Van Kavage of Best Friends


Ban Dog Trainer Gellman

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USPS National Dog Bite Awareness


National Dog Bite Prevention Week: A Bit Different This Year


Denver City Council Supports Mayor’s Breed Ban

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Decoding Your Dog for Christmas

Decoding-Your-Dog, Steve-Dale, Dr. Gary-Lansberg, Dr. Debra-Horwitz, WGN-Radio, AVMA

Roller Coaster Life of Cesar Millan: Petcube Chooses Him as a Spokesperson

Does this guy represent modern dog training?

Pet Cube Partners with Cesar Millan: What Message Are They Sending Now?

Is it smart for Pet Cube to partner with Cesar Millan?

Alderman Lopez, Are You Kidding? Lopez Statement on Susan Russell’s Dismissal

Alderman Raymond Lopez issue this statement