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Pet Cube Partners with Cesar Millan: What Message Are They Sending Now?

Is it smart for Pet Cube to partner with Cesar Millan?

Alderman Lopez, Are You Kidding? Lopez Statement on Susan Russell’s Dismissal

Alderman Raymond Lopez issue this statement

Aldermen Face-Off on Animal Control

Susan Russell

Dog Bite Prevention Week

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Halloween Fears and Scares for Pets

Blah! Blah! Halloween doesn't need to be scary for pets

Fatal Dog Attack by Pit Bulls, Is BSL Next?

Should there be a breed ban after this fatal dog attack?

Pit Bull Hero Stops Attacker

Heroic pit bull type dog

Dog Bite Prevention

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Amy Pike talks with Steve Dale about dog bite prevention

Montreal Breed Ban Supported by Court

Montreal initiated a pit bull ban that was to go into effect October 3, 2016, following a dog attack that claimed the life of a Montreal woman, Christiane Vadnais. However, only days later, the ban was suspended by Quebec Superior Court Judge Louis Gouin. The judge rattled off a series of queries before lawyers even began their arguments, beginning with, “How is ‘pit bull’ even defined?”

HSUS and Feds Break Up Dogfighting Ring

Dogfighting dogs have a shot - and may be adopted....HSUS helps break up ring

National Dog Bite Prevention

National Dog Bite Prevention, list of cities that most often bite letter carriers

Pet Meets Baby: Pet Bite Prevention

Steve Dale writes about Pets and babies and preventing bites