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Wayne Pacelle Speaks Out: Should Vick Be the Captain or Not?

Vick Pacelle

Refuting Story: Michael Vick Deserves Our Forgiveness


Suggesting Michael Vick Deserves Pro Bowl Status


Michael Vick Doesn’t Deserve to be on an NFL Pedestal


Michael Vick as Pro Bowl Captain?


Wayne Pacelle Resigns Under Pressure from HSUS

Wayne Pacelle and myself on friendly terms in 2016

Michael Vick on Fox Sports

Michael Vick will now be a Fox Sports TV commentator

Pit Bull: Battle Over An American Icon

Pet expert Steve Dale talks about pit bull dogs with Brownwen Dickey

Are Pit Bulls Deadly Weapons?

The problem aren't dogs called pit bulls

Humane Mexico Bans Dogfighting, Supports Animal Welfare

Dogfighting is banned in Mexico

BSL Now Considered Outside Chicago

Chicago suburb might consider a breed ban, might is the key word here

Tips for Dog Beach Safety & Etiquette

Dog beach safety and etiquette