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Dog Flu Spreading in California and Across the Country: 2018 Year of the Dog Flu

Lots of dog flu in California, but California isn't alone

Has Canada Contained the Dog Flu?

Experts hoping for the best, that dog flu in Canada is contained

Dog Flu Finds Its Way to San Jose

Dog flu outbreak now hits San Jose, CA

Dog Flu Crosses Into Canada

Dog has been identified in Canada

Dog Flu Outbreak Subsides in Louisville

Is this a new dog flu strain in Louisville?

Dog Flu Has Now Hit 46 States

Dog flu is everywhere, or it least it may be

Now is the Time to Vaccinate for Dog Flu

At its worst veterinarians were even vaccinating in parking lots so unvaccinated dogs wouldn't be exposed in-clinic

Dog Flu Outbreak in Ohio

Dog flu outbreak in Ohio

Dog Flu Montana Mystery

Confusing dog flu story in Montana, and elsewhere

If We Vaccinate for Kennel Cough, We Should Certainly Vaccinate for Dog Flu

Truth is dog flu is more serious more often to more dogs than kennel cough

AVMA on Preventive Care for Pets, Double-Defense Against Heartworm on WGN

Dr. Janet Donlin, CEO of AVMA on the show and so is a distinguished veterinary parasitologist

Dog Flu or Imposter: What Is it?

Mystery virus compounded with lots of dog flu