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Dog Flu Hitting Florida

Canine Influenza Virus, strain H3N2 hitting Florida, and dog shows

Dog Flu at Dog Shows

Pet expert Steve Dale notes a warning about dog flu at dog show

Fight Flu: Kiss a Frog

Hydrophylax bahuvistara may help fight flu

Dog Flu: Welcome to L.A.

Dog flu identified on West Coast

Dog Flu Day: Save Money, Protect Your Dog

aahchoo low cost vaccines

Dog Flu Vaccination Day in Chicago

Vaccination Day for dog flu

Adoptions Halted Due to Dog Flu at Anti Cruelty to Resume

Anti Cruelty ready to resume adoptions

Dr.Alexander, Preventing Dog Flu and Leptospirosis

Dr. Donna Alexander with Steve Dale o WGN radio on the dog flu and  leptospirosis

Dog Flu in Chicago, Many Questions

Ethel, one of our dogs, receives a dog flu vaccine and a special treat

New York Pet Fashion Show

Pet fashion show

Steve Dale Wins Journalist of the Year for Dog Flu Coverage

Pet expert Steve Dale is honored as Journalist of the Year for his coverage of the dog flu

One Person Sickened From Bird Flu in Cats

Cats and one person get the bird flu in New York City