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Cats Get Avian Flu in New York City Shelter

cats getting rare flu in New York City

Pets and Holidays, Preparation is Key

Preparing pets for the holidays

New Bivalent Vaccine Covers Both Dog Flu Strains

Hazel gets her dog flu vaccine

Prevent Dog Flu and Leptospirosis on WGN

Dog flu vaccine covers both strains, and leptospirosis is a real convern

Traveling for Thanksgiving: Vaccinate for Dog Flu NOW

Dr. Natalie Marks gives our Hazel a vaccine for the dog flu

Can Bats Give You or Your Dog the Flu?

We need fruit bats, they're key pollinators but may they be more than that

Chicago City Shelter Doing Better than You May Think

Chicago Animal Care and Control: Doing Great Considering

Dog Flu Education Events

Steve Dale speaks with Dr. Natalie Marks about the dog flu

If This Dog Could Talk, and Dr. Marks on Lyme and CIV

WGN  engineer Bob Ferguson finds my sign, and the dog flu and with Dr. Natalie Marks

If This Dog Could Talk: The Dogist

The Doggist comes to town to photograph maybe your dog

Dog Flu: Not Gone and Not Forgetten

The dog flu has not vanished by any means

Dog Flu: Big Sneeze in Central Illinois

Dog flu is occurring in Central Illinois, and in other places around America