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New Dog Flu: New Vaccination Makes Sense

Dr, Natalie Marks talks with Steve Dale about the H3N2 dog flu

Cats Getting Dog Flu, The Truth – No Need to Panic

Steve Dale reports on cats getting the dog flu

Cats Getting Dog Flu: No Joke

Pet expert Steve Dale speaks with dog flu expert Dr. Sandra Newbury about cats getting dog flu

Dog Flu Update

Pet expert Steve Dale continues to cover the canine influenza virus

Dog Flu Closes Chicago Shelters for Adoption

Steve Dale writes that two Chicago shelters closed for adoptions due to dog flu

Dog Flu Forces Shelter to Close

Steve Dale writes the dog flu forces a shelter in Indiana to shut down

Dog Flu Update: Your Questions Answered

pet expert Steve Dale offers a dog flu update

Dog Flu Hasn't Gone Anywhere, Protect Your Dog

Dr. Natalie Marks and Steve Dale talk about the dog flu

Dog Flu Story: Learning It Was a Totally Different Strain

Dog flu discovery of H3N2

Steve Dale with Brian Noonan

pet expert Steve Dale on WGN talks about the dog flu and his new blog

Dog Flu: The Story Begins

Pet expert Steve Dale and others on the canine influenza virus

America’s Favorite Veterinarian Nominee, Dr. Jerry Klein