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David Frei on WGN Talking National Dog Show Presented by Purina

David Frei is HERE on WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World, talking about all his years as broadcaster for the National Dog Show Presented by Purina. The National Dog Show is one of the few remaining benched dog shows, where people can meet and greet all the participants. The great thing about benched shows is that…

Doggy Daycare Can Be a Doggy Downer

Leave your child in daycare, and you trust that your little one will be appropriately taken care of. That’s true for children, and it should also be true for pets. They return home, and there’s no way to usually know what happened, they can’t tell us. Although, sometimes they can. According to an online post,…

Teaching a Dog a New Trick with Positive Reinforcement

Anna and Hazel help me to demonstrate how the use of positive reinforcement dog training (with Vita Bone® Lil’ Trainers tasty treats), and that can be a ton of fun for the entire family. Positive reinforcement training, and teaching tricks: further bonds family members with the dog enhances communication on both ends of the leash…

New National Hands-On Animal Training Center

A clicker used to train dogs or cats is very much like a whistle used to train marine mammals, says Ken Ramirez, executive vice president and chief training officer for Karen Pryor Clicker Training, on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. Listen HERE as Ramirez, who is a former marine mammal trainer himself,…

Dogs Identifying Cancers: Next Step Amazing

It’s no secret, dogs can identify several cancers, including prostrate, breast, colon, lung, thyroid, ovarian, and melanoma. But now what? It’s not likely that dogs will be “working” side by side in clinics with general practitioners and oncologists, as appealing as that idea is. Maybe one day our own health insurance will cover cancer-sniffing dogs,…

Victoria Stilwell: Guardians of the Night

Guardians of the Night, from Victoria Stilwell, is her new web series. HEAR Victoria talk on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about what police working dogs do every day, which people mostly don’t know about. In the process you see the real lives of these dogs, and the bond they have with…

Victoria Stilwell: Guardians of the Night, Puppy Mills

Victoria Stilwell is a favorite guest of mine, not only because she’s excellent on the air, but also because of the respect I have for her. HEAR our conversation from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio about her new series, “Guardians of the Night.” What about this show touches me? “Guardians of the Night” celebrates the everyday…

No More Jumping: National Puppy Day

Puppies aren’t born knowing not to jump. In fact, they’re born thinking they should jump to greet us. It may be cute when they’re young, but as they grow, it’s not nearly as cute. “Dogs jump up because they want to say hello,” says dog trainer Rendy Schuchat. There are many ways to encourage dogs not…

Are Pit Bulls Deadly Weapons?

“Are Pit Bulls Man’s Best Friend Or Deadly Weapons?” is the name of an opinion piece in the Chicago Sun Times. My quandary: Do I write about this story, and give it more attention, or counter? In this case, I choose to counter. The author, Gene Lyons, writes about his two dogs: a Great Pyrenees…

Keeping Dogs' Bright Minds in Shape into Old Age

What are your dog’s true cognitive abilities? Dr. Brian Hare, author of “The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think” and founder Duke Canine Cognition Center discusses on my national radio show HERE how to maintain canine brain health throughout a lifetime and physical health to assist dogs in aging: Enrichment: Dogs love…

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